1. Tom Cruise's New Interest: Angelina Jolie

Sources suggest Tom Cruise sees Angelina Jolie as his "perfect match" and aspires to develop their friendship into a romantic relationship.

2. A Shared History

Cruise and Jolie explored working together on a project in the past few years. Recently, Jolie has appeared more open to socializing with Cruise.

3. Mutual Admiration

An insider told Heat Magazine: "Tom marvels about Ange's brilliance and what a strong, impressive lady she is. He appreciates that she has never really conformed in Hollywood."

4. A Unique Connection

"They're both such superstars, and only a few people actually comprehend their lives. That in itself forms a connection," said the insider.

5. Plans to Take it Further

Cruise apparently plans to turn their friendship into a romantic connection. "His goal right now is to convince her to work with him, then he'll romance her," a source said.

6. Treading Carefully

Regarding Scientology, the insider stated, "He has no intention of pushing Scientology on her, as he quite astutely knows that it would send an anti-religious Angelina running in the other direction."

7. Future Possibilities

Despite the challenges, mutual friends believe Cruise and Jolie can have a relationship.