1. Incident Timing

The fatal shooting of Angie Harmon's dog, Oliver, occurred over Easter weekend, adding a somber tone to the holiday celebrations.

2. Immediate Aftermath 

Harmon took to Instagram to share the devastating news, revealing that the incident happened shortly after an Instacart delivery driver had visited her home. 

3. Driver's Defense 

The accused driver claimed self-defense as the reason for shooting Oliver. However, Harmon disputes this claim, stating the driver showed no signs of an actual attack. 

4. Security Camera Unavailable 

At the time of the incident, the Harmon family's Ring camera was not recording. Angie Harmon suggested the driver might have known this, as he observed the camera charging inside. 

5. Instacart's Response 

In response to the incident, Instacart suspended the delivery driver's profile and issued a statement expressing deep sadness over the event. The company is currently cooperating with law enforcement in their investigation. 

6. Legal Outcome (So Far) 

Despite the ongoing investigation, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department stated that no charges have been filed against the delivery driver after the March 30 incident.