Discover how Jess Williams and Dan Ormrod's engagement at Liverpool's Popworld nightclub stirred online communities. 

Jess, 21, and Dan, 22, share a two-year journey, marked with milestones including their son, Archie. 

In an unexpected twist, Dan proposes to Jess in Popworld nightclub to the tune of Taylor Swift’s 'Love Story'.

Why Popworld? A sentimental spot for the couple, it's where their story began and flourished.

The proposal video goes viral with over 300,000 views, sparking varied reactions from the online community.

While some find the choice of Popworld 'embarrassing', others celebrate the couple's unique love story.

Facing the backlash, Jess emphasizes the venue's personal meaning, turning off comments to focus on their happiness.

Jess and Dan's story highlights how love and proposals are perceived in today’s social media-influenced world. 

A testament to love's diverse expressions, Jess and Dan's engagement at Popworld redefines romantic norms.