1. The Dynamic Duo

Scorsese and Day-Lewis have created magic twice before, with 'The Age of Innocence' and 'Gangs of New York'.

2. NBR Awards Spotlight 

Day-Lewis emerged from his low profile to present Scorsese with the Best Director award, sparking reunion hopes. 

3. A Hint at 'One More' 

In his speech, Scorsese reflected on their past films and hinted at possibly making 'one more'. 

4. Is Day-Lewis Truly Retired? 

Daniel Day-Lewis has maintained his retirement since 2017, but Scorsese could be the key to his return. 

5.Will They Return?

The film world is on edge, awaiting official news of this dream collaboration. 

6. Unmatched Excellence 

Regardless of a reunion, both have secured their status as legends with masterful storytelling and performances.