Week 12 College Football Madness: Historic Wins, Stunning Upsets, and Big Money Moves Revealed 

Week 12 Stunner: Auburn Falls to New Mexico State

In a surprising turn, Auburn, paying $2 million, faces defeat against New Mexico State, marking a historic loss.

Week 12's Financial Strategy in Football 

Exploring how financial decisions, like Alabama's $600,000 payout, impact game dynamics in Week 12. 

Nebraska Coach Matt Rhule's Insight 

Matt Rhule compares college football coaching to the mafia, reflecting on the sport's high-pressure environment. 

Week 12's Record-Breaking Heroes 

Jayden Daniels' standout performance and other key stats that defined the victories in Week 12 

Michigan Hits 1000 Wins in Week 12 

The University of Michigan celebrates its 1000th win, a milestone in college football history. 

Week 12's Fan Fervor and GameDay Excitement 

Highlighting the passionate fan turnout at James Madison for 'College GameDay' during Week 12. 

More from Week 12: Key Matchups and Results 

A quick glance at other significant games, performances, and outcomes from College Football Week 12.