Amy Robach & T.J. Holmes: From Scandal to ‘Instagram Official’ with Joint Podcast Debut

Almost a year has passed since T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach’s romance sent shockwaves through the television industry. The couple, who once took the “GMA3” stage as co-anchors, have now embraced the limelight, officially introducing their relationship to the world. With Holmes, 46, wrapping his arm around Robach, 50, in a recent headshot, they declared their status with the caption, “How’s this for Instagram official? #silentnomore 🎤”.

The duo revealed their upcoming collaborative venture — a podcast named “Amy & T.J.”, set to air from Dec. 5. Available on the iHeartRadio app and other popular podcast platforms, listeners can tune in to “@amyandtjpodcast”. As per iHeartMedia’s press release, this podcast promises meaningful discourse encompassing current events, pop culture, and more. Emphasizing a no-holds-barred approach, it also hints at addressing their personal scandal, ensuring a genuine and raw perspective.

A Glimpse into Their Relationship Timeline

Holmes and Robach’s bond strengthened over time, culminating in their official public appearance together last week. Sharing snippets of their personal moments on Instagram, they displayed their bond during a game at Holmes’ University of Arkansas, with photos capturing their intimate moments.

The couple’s journey, however, has not been without its challenges. Their relationship made headlines, especially following Holmes’ divorce settlement with ex-wife Marilee Fiebig. Controversies arose when the Daily Mail released photographs of the pair in intimate poses. ABC swiftly removed both from their afternoon news segment, labeling their relationship as a “distraction”. By January, they were replaced on their show.

Holmes’ personal life further stirred the pot when he filed for divorce from Fiebig, an immigration attorney, after 13 years. Statements from Fiebig’s attorney expressed disappointment at Holmes’ actions, especially considering their shared 10-year-old daughter. Holmes’ previous marriage with Amy Ferson and their two children also added layers to his personal narrative.

On the other hand, Robach has her own tale, having tied the knot with “Melrose Place” actor Andrew Shue in 2010. Last September, they put their New York City apartment on the market.

This saga of romance, controversy, and resilience serves as a testament to the complexities of relationships in the public eye. Through their new podcast, Holmes and Robach are set to share their authentic journey, embracing both their challenges and triumphs.

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