Announcing Wit Studio’s ‘The One Piece’ Remake on Netflix: A New Take on East Blue Saga for 25th Anniversary

Jump Festa ’24 event revealed that Wit Studio is set to remake the renowned ‘The One Piece’ anime for Netflix. The new series, titled ‘The One Piece,’ is part of the 25th-anniversary celebration of the original anime. It will begin with an adaptation of the East Blue Saga, with hints of possibly covering more content, although further details are not confirmed.

Commemorating the anime’s milestone, the official YouTube channel for ‘One Piece’ has launched a new stream called “ANYTIME ONEPIECE.” Starting on October 29, this stream features the anime from its very first episode. Exclusive to Japan, it will continue over the next year, adding new episodes as they are broadcast on television.

Wit Studio, known for its high-quality animation work, is taking on the project to bring a fresh perspective to the beloved series. The East Blue Saga is a foundational arc in the ‘One Piece’ universe, setting the stage for the adventures of Luffy and his crew.

This remake by Wit Studio on Netflix, along with the ongoing “ANYTIME ONEPIECE” stream, underscores the enduring popularity and cultural significance of ‘One Piece.’ Fans of the series can

look forward to experiencing the classic saga with a new visual and narrative treatment.

For more updates on ‘The One Piece’ and its release on Netflix, stay tuned.

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