Ariana Grande Revives R&B Nostalgia with ‘The Boy Is Mine’ Cover on ‘Eternal Sunshine’

As we edge closer to the release of Ariana Grande‘s latest album, ‘Eternal Sunshine’, the pop sensation shares a glimpse into the tracks that promise to captivate her audience. In a heartfelt chat with Zane Lowe, Grande spilled the details on what fans can expect, particularly highlighting a track that’s bound to become the new anthem for the bold and unapologetic.

Grande’s creative spirit has conjured up a modern twist on a ’90s favorite, channeling the essence of Brandy and Monica’s iconic duet “The Boy Is Mine.” This fresh take isn’t just a nod to the R&B legends but a reclamation, bringing Grande’s unique energy to the forefront. “I’ve always been enamored by that song,” Grande confided, hinting at the fusion of contemporary pop with the golden R&B of yesteryears.

Her upcoming seventh studio album, named ‘Eternal Sunshine’, has been brewing in the backdrop of her life since the release of ‘Positions’ in 2020. The track ‘The Boy Is Mine’, taking its rightful place as the album’s eighth track, is already stirring excitement among her fans, who are eager to hear Grande’s interpretation.

Interestingly, a track that never saw the official light of day, ‘Fantasize’, has played a pivotal role in shaping the album. After seeing how much her fans loved the leaked song, Grande took it as a sign. “It seemed like a wild idea at the time,” she explained, “but my fans, they resonate with the rawness of those feelings.”

In her conversation with Sang, Grande opened up about her unexpected love for ‘Fantasize’ and how it prompted her to include similar vibes in ‘Eternal Sunshine’. “I took the hint,” she said, laughing off the irony and the excitement of it all. She hints that the album will explore these themes more deeply, albeit with a refined touch.

‘Eternal Sunshine’ stands as a testament to Grande’s growth as an artist, ready to merge the influence of past decades with the freshness of the present. Fans are in for a treat as Grande brings her signature style to a track beloved by many, promising a rendition that pays homage yet stands boldly as its entity.

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