Barry Manilow All I Want for Christmas Is You Surprises Fans with a Stunning Twist on Mariah Carey’s Christmas Hit

Music legend Barry Manilow has made a remarkable comeback on the music charts with his rendition of Mariah Carey’s iconic holiday song, “All I Want for Christmas Is You”. In a recent interview with ABC Audio, Manilow revealed that this year’s unforeseen career surge prevented him from completing a full Christmas album, but he managed to finish three songs, including the Carey classic.

Manilow approached the song with a unique perspective, simplifying it to bring out its core strengths. “I really loved the writing of the song. I thought the melody was strong. I thought the lyric was strong,” Barry commented, appreciating the song’s composition, originally made famous by Mariah Carey.

Barry Manilow
Barry Manilow

Recognizing the rarity of modern holiday songs achieving the same status as timeless classics like “White Christmas”, Manilow acknowledged the challenge faced by artists in creating new Christmas standards. “As you become more and more popular, it always gets to, ‘OK, let’s do a Christmas album.’ And that is a big challenge,” he said, noting the difficulty in competing with established holiday hits.

Opting to cover a well-loved modern holiday song instead of writing a new one, Manilow released his version of “All I Want for Christmas Is You” as a single, a decision that has paid off significantly. The song’s success on streaming platforms like Spotify was an unexpected triumph for Manilow. “And holy moly, it’s bulleting up the charts. I never thought I would tell anybody that I’m bulleting up the charts again,” he expressed with surprise and delight.

Barry Manilow’s fresh interpretation of “All I Want for Christmas Is You” not only honors Mariah Carey’s original but also adds a new dimension to this holiday favorite. As it climbs the music charts, it stands as a testament to Manilow’s enduring talent and the timeless appeal of Carey’s holiday anthem.

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