C.J. Stroud’s Stellar Texans Debut: Making a Mockery of NFL Draft Doubts

Months back, just before the Houston Texans secured C.J. Stroud as their second-draft pick, whispers of doubt buzzed around the young quarterback. A concealed NFL executive had boldly termed Stroud a guaranteed letdown, and further questionable reports surfaced, questioning Stroud’s cognitive test scores and bringing up the history of Ohio State quarterbacks in the NFL.

However, as the NFL season is halfway through, Stroud emerges as a top contender for the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year, proving the skeptics wrong. The rookie QB, leading the Texans at 3-3, has showcased impressive stats, with only one interception in 213 passes and 1,660 passing yards.

Head Coach DeMeco Ryans
Head Coach DeMeco Ryans

Head Coach DeMeco Ryans praises Stroud’s incredible mental acumen, emphasizing his dedication and commitment. During a recent visit to his alma mater, Ohio State, Stroud addressed the criticism, pointing out the media’s tendency for exaggeration and underlining the training and preparedness he received at Ohio State.

Acknowledging other Ohio State quarterbacks, including Cardale Jones, J.T. Barrett, and the late Dwayne Haskins, Stroud believes in proving his worth on the field. With a notable 96.4 passer rating, Stroud is determined to enhance his skills and become an even more potent force for the Texans.

The spotlight also shines on Bryce Young of the Carolina Panthers, who hasn’t experienced the same start as Stroud. While some question the Panthers’ decision to draft Young over Stroud, the comparisons will likely continue as both their careers evolve. Stroud remains supportive of Young, emphasizing the nuances of the game.

Elsewhere, Atlanta Falcons’ QB Desmond Ridder is a mix of highs and lows. While he’s shown moments of brilliance, his propensity to turn over the ball, especially in high-stake situations, raises eyebrows.

Meanwhile, after becoming the NFL’s top-earning defensive player, Nick Bosa’s performance hasn’t lived up to last year’s standards. Despite a reduced sack record, he continues to pressure QBs, leading in quarterback hits.

In other news, Denver Broncos safety Kareem Jackson faces a reduced two-game suspension after a severe hit, reflecting the league’s push for safety. And kicker Brett Maher, after a series of misses, has been released by the Los Angeles Rams.

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