Emmerdale’s Danny Miller Deletes X Account After Body Shaming, Continues Drama On-Screen

In an unexpected turn of events, ‘Emmerdale’ stalwart Danny Miller has withdrawn from social media following a series of disparaging remarks about his physique. Miller, renowned for his portrayal of Aaron Dingle on the beloved soap, faced undue criticism on X, with one user derogatorily labeling him as “fat” and “chubby”. Following this, Miller decided to delete his X account.

Miller delete his X account.

Undeterred by the vitriol, Miller addressed the remarks head-on, asserting his indifference and humorously countering the body-shaming. “Say what you will about Aaron. He’s a creation, I bring to life the scripts I’m given,” Miller remarked. His retort concluded with a candid disclosure of enjoying a kebab and pizza, accompanied by a ‘FULL FAT COKE’, evidently amused by the situation.

MILLER tollret

While his X account no longer exists, Miller’s presence on Instagram remains, keeping the line of communication open with his supporters. Miller’s journey as Aaron Dingle began in 2011, with a temporary departure in the subsequent year, only to triumphantly return in 2014. Recently, ‘Emmerdale’ fans were gripped by the revelation that Miller’s character, Aaron, was the captive of Cain Dingle and Caleb Milligan at Wylie’s Farm, marking his regular return to the series.

In the latest ‘Emmerdale’ plotline, Aaron’s character grapples with the profound grief of losing his sister Liv, leading to heightened tensions with fellow villagers. The December 5th episode saw Aaron in a controversial light, engaging in victim-blaming following a hate crime, a narrative twist that has sparked considerable conversation among the audience.

As the storyline unfolds, viewers remain engaged with the complexities of Aaron’s character, with Miller’s nuanced performance continuing to draw acclaim and evoke empathy.

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