Exchange Numbers with a Tap: The iPhone’s New Connection Trick!

Picture the scene: You’re at a bustling networking event, surrounded by a sea of potential clients, collaborators, and contacts. The conventional way? Swap business cards, dictate numbers, and hope you’ve got them all right. But thanks to Apple’s latest innovation on iOS 17, there’s a game-changer in the networking arena – meet NameDrop.

Launched this September with iOS 17, NameDrop is all about redefining convenience. No more jotting down numbers, no more reading aloud, and no more painstaking manual entry. Just place two iPhones close to each other, and voila! You’ve exchanged contact details.

Safety and customization are paramount with NameDrop. Apple ensures you have the reins when it comes to what information you wish to share. From phone numbers to home addresses, you can tailor your shared details, ensuring no inadvertent oversharing.

However, one might wonder why Apple didn’t allow simultaneous sharing of both email and phone numbers. Furthermore, for another exchange, a previous contact needs deletion. A slight hiccup, but considering the ease of the overall process, it’s a small price to pay.

How to Dive into this Seamless Experience?

  1. Unlock Your iPhone: NameDrop only works on unlocked devices.
  2. Position Your Phones: Hover the top of your iPhone closely to another iPhone’s top, mirroring the image seen in this article.
  3. Prompt Alert: After a brief moment, your screen will showcase a prompt.
  4. Decision Time: Options? “Receive Only” or “Share.” If both parties need contacts, both should opt for “Share.”
  5. Hesitation is Okay: Changed your mind midway? A simple swipe up exits NameDrop.
  6. Final Touches: Upon receiving the contact, a preview allows you to make edits. If all’s well, just tap “Done” and you’re all set!

So, the next time you’re amidst a sea of potential contacts, remember: With NameDrop, networking is just a hover away

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