Geno Stone’s Meteoric Ascent: The Making of the Ravens’ Interception Machine

Who would’ve thought after last year’s shared crown for interceptions, we’d see someone come out of the gates this strong? Well, folks, Geno Stone is turning heads, and how? As we’re just dipping our toes into Week 9, this Baltimore Ravens safety has already swooped in with six picks. Talk about setting the bar high!

Remember that Ravens-Seahawks game? Stone snatched an interception before halftime could even think about rolling around. And if you rewind to last week’s tangle with the Cardinals, he was like a shadow on Tre McBride, snagging the ball and making it look easy.

Dig into the highlight reel, and you’ll find more gems. Stone was like a human fortress in Week 7, picking off Jared Goff’s ambitious pass meant for Jameson Williams. And the week before that? He read Ryan Tannehill like a book, teasing him into a deep pass only to take it away.

Going further back, Stone made a play against the Browns in Week 4 that was straight-up smart — capitalizing on a mix-up and intercepting Dorian Thompson-Robinson. Even the celebrated Joe Burrow wasn’t safe from Stone’s quick thinking back in Week 2.

Stone’s road to this point? It’s a real underdog story. Picked up by the Ravens in the 2020 draft’s seventh round, he faced a rocky start, even spending a brief spell with the Texans. But just like a boomerang, he was back with Baltimore by the spring of 2021, more determined than ever. Taking cues from veteran Anthony Levine, he learned to make each opportunity count, whether on special teams or defense.

The secret to Stone’s stellar season isn’t magic, though; it’s pure grit. Back in April, he jotted down his goals, one being to notch more than three interceptions. He’s hit that mark and isn’t stopping there. His eyes are on the team prizes, and he’s playing the long game. Each week is a new chapter for Geno, and he’s not one to rest on his laurels. In football, like life, he believes you’re only as good as your next move — and if this season is anything to go by, we can’t wait to see where his next steps take him!

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