HBO’s Casey Bloys Expresses Regret Over ‘Dumb’ Undercover Twitter Tactics, Announces Exciting 2024 Slate

HBO’s Casey Bloys has issued an apology to television critics following a controversial report that surfaced about him directing a staffer to set up a fake Twitter account to challenge critics on their less-than-favorable reviews of HBO shows. The incident, which was detailed in a Rolling Stone expose and tied to a lawsuit alleging wrongful termination, has put the network’s head of programming in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

In the reported text exchanges, Bloys demonstrated a personal investment in the network’s offerings, saying, “We just need a random to make the point and make her feel bad,” targeting one specific critic. Although he confirmed the actions and the existence of a fabricated Twitter persona — a self-proclaimed “Texan. Herbalist. Aromatherapist. Vegan.” — he minimized the activity to only six tweets sent over a year and a half. At an HBO event announcing the new lineup for 2024, Bloys explained that a bout of frustration during the pandemic led to the “very dumb idea,” which he deeply regrets. Recognizing the limited impact of such tweets, given that critics are inundated with social media responses, he now opts for direct messaging — a “much healthier” approach to feedback.

Switching gears to future attractions, Bloys presented an exciting roster for HBO’s 2024 slate. The lineup includes the return of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” for its possible final bow, Issa López’s eagerly anticipated “True Detective: Night Country” with Jodie Foster, and Kate Winslet’s portrayal of a tumultuous British leader in “The Regime.” Robert Downey Jr. is also set to captivate audiences in the adaptation of the award-winning “The Sympathizer,” a spy narrative set in the aftermath of Vietnam.

Larry David
Larry David

Comedy fans can look forward to “The Franchise,” a peek into superhero film-making from the minds of Sam Mendes and Armando Iannucci. HBO Max will exclusively stream “The Penguin,” spotlighting Colin Farrell’s transformation into the notorious Batman adversary. The fantasy realm expands with George R.R. Martin’s “Tales of Dunk and Egg,” though Bloys suggests other “Thrones” projects are not imminent.

Further down the line, productions affected by the SAG strike, including new seasons of “Euphoria,” “The White Lotus,” and the introduction of “Welcome to Derry,” are now expected to premiere in 2025. Meanwhile, fans can anticipate the continuation of “House of the Dragon,” a fresh docuseries featuring Jerrod Carmichael, and another deep dive into true crime with the second season of “The Jinx.”

While Bloys’ Twitter strategy may have misfired, it seems HBO is redirecting its focus to what it does best — crafting compelling, conversation-starting television for its audience.

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