Irish Crime Series ‘Hidden Assets’ Secures Global Deals for Season 2 – International Broadcast Bulletin

The landscape of international television drama continues to evolve, with the Irish crime series “Hidden Assets” emerging as a prominent figure in this dynamic arena. Following the successful launch of its second season, DCD Rights has announced the acquisition of the series by several international broadcasters, signaling a significant expansion in its global footprint.

Produced by Saffron Moon, Facet4Media, and Potemkino, this 12-part series has been licensed to major networks, including the BBC for the United Kingdom, SBS and Stan for Australia, TV4 for Sweden, and TV2 for Norway. These acquisitions reflect the growing interest in high-quality international drama productions.

The series is the brainchild of writers Peter McKenna, Morna Regan, Mary Fox, and Marthy Thornton, and is brought to life through the directorial vision of Thaddeus O’Sullivan and Kadir Ferati Balci. The storyline, which initially captivated audiences on RTE Ireland, delves into the complex intertwining of crime and investigation, continuing the narrative established in its first season. The ensemble cast, featuring Nora-Jane Noone, Wouter Hendrickx, and Simone Kirby, further enriches the series with compelling performances.

“Hidden Assets” explores the intricacies of international crime, focusing on the Irish Criminal Assets Bureau’s challenging liaison with Belgian authorities in the wake of a cyber-attack. This nuanced portrayal of cross-border collaboration in law enforcement presents viewers with a realistic and engaging depiction of modern crime-fighting efforts.

Philanthropy in the Arts: Lee Jung-Jae’s Commitment to Senior Actors

In a commendable display of altruism, Lee Jung-jae, renowned for his role in the globally acclaimed “Squid Game,” has contributed KRW50 million (approximately $39,000) to the Korean Film Talent Association. This donation is particularly noteworthy as it includes his $15,600 prize from the Beautiful Arts Awards Ceremony, supplemented by additional support from Harim, his commercial sponsor.

Lee’s gesture is not just a contribution but a profound statement on the importance of supporting the older generation of actors who have paved the way for today’s talents. Many of these senior artists face financial difficulties and health issues, and Lee’s donation is a step towards alleviating some of these challenges. It reflects a deep-seated respect and acknowledgment of these senior actors’ contributions to the industry.

A Gastronomic Journey: “Food Masters: Taste of Taiwan”

In a unique collaboration, Discovery Network and Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs are set to launch “Food Masters: Taste of Taiwan.” This multi-part documentary, produced by Volos Films for Warner Bros. Discovery, is scheduled to premiere on December 7. The series represents a culinary exploration, seeking to unearth and celebrate the rich tapestry of Taiwanese cuisine.

The documentary features a diverse array of culinary experts, including farmers and Michelin-starred chefs. It will showcase the gastronomic expertise of Chef Leo Tsai, the culinary innovations at Din Tai Fung, and the sustainable practices championed by Chef Andre Chiang. Additionally, Alex Peng’s high-end restaurant Akame, known for its daily-changing menu based on local produce, will be highlighted.

The series promises to offer viewers an immersive experience of Taiwan’s culinary landscape, from its bustling night markets to traditional breakfast establishments. This exploration is not merely a showcase of Taiwan’s food culture but an insightful journey into the heart of its culinary identity, highlighting the blend of tradition and modernity that characterizes Taiwanese cuisine.

Hidden Assets Season 2 Official Trailer

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