Jennifer Love Hewitt Shares Enrique Iglesias’ Emotional Tribute to Close Friend Aaliyah

Jennifer Love Hewitt shared Enrique Iglesias’ emotional reaction to Aaliyah’s passing away.

Jennifer Love Hewitt recently said that Enrique Iglesias and the late Aaliyah had a close friendship.

In a video released by a fan page dedicated to the late singer, the Heartbreakers star revealed an unusual tidbit about his connection with the Spanish entertainer and the More Than a Woman soprano.

“Oh, Enrique! “Oh, this is such a great mashup, guys,” Hewitt, 45, remarked in a video.

While appearing on Entertainment Tonight Retrospective, the actress was seen portraying herself as Iglesias’ romantic interest in the music video for his 2001 single Hero.

He tears while Hewitt cradles him in an emotional scene from the ballad.

“The craziest thing about that video shoot that I don’t know if people know, is that Enrique and Aaliyah were close friends,” she stated.

“And the night we recorded the video was the night she died. And so Enrique had to tape it, so all of his crying in the video was recorded, and he was actually crying because she had died,” Hewitt explained.

To clarify, Aaliyah passed away on August 25, 2001, at the age of 22.

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