Kristin Chenoweth Celebrates ‘First Married Thanksgiving’: Reveling in Gratitude and Joy with Husband Josh Bryant

Kristin Chenoweth, the Tony award-winning actress and singer, is reveling in her first Thanksgiving as a married woman with her husband, Josh Bryant. The 55-year-old star took to Instagram on Thursday to share her happiness and thankfulness, posting a series of cozy photographs from their celebration in Arkansas. These images beautifully captured the intimate and tender moments shared between the couple, showcasing their kisses, smiles, and loving gazes. Through these snapshots, Chenoweth and Bryant conveyed the warmth and affection that define their relationship, offering a glimpse into their festive holiday together.

The journey of Chenoweth and Bryant, 41, to matrimony is a tale of unexpected love and romance. Their wedding, held on September 2 in Dallas, was a testament to their unique story. Known for her strong personality and a previous belief that marriage was not in her cards, Chenoweth’s perspective shifted remarkably after meeting Bryant. “I even got engaged before and couldn’t do it. Until I met Josh. Then I was like, ‘Why would I ever let this guy go?’ I’m so blessed,” she shared in a candid interview with PEOPLE.

Their wedding celebrations were as distinctive as their love story. The couple hosted a rehearsal dinner at Capital Grille, followed by a dessert featuring a custom cake from Baskin-Robbins. The ceremony, attended by 140 guests, took place at a private residence, marked by personal touches and non-traditional elements. True to her unique spirit, Chenoweth chose a non-white wedding dress, opting for a stunning Pamella Roland gown with a sheer nude and pink overlay, adorned with a bow and delicate pearl flowers. This choice reflected her approach to marriage, embracing the non-conventional with elegance and style.

The couple’s relationship began in 2016 at the wedding of Chenoweth’s niece, where Bryant’s band provided entertainment. Their paths crossed again at another family wedding two years later. Despite an initial hesitation due to their age difference, with Bryant being 14 years younger, their connection flourished. Chenoweth found in Bryant a partner who made her feel confident, beautiful, and loved, regardless of age. Her story with Bryant is not just a love story, but a narrative of finding unexpected joy and companionship, challenging conventional norms and celebrating love in its purest form.

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