Ludacris Set to Electrify Georgia Tech vs. Georgia Game with Pre-Match Performance

The upcoming college football game between Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia is set to feature a special performance by Atlanta’s renowned rap artist, Ludacris. This pre-game event, scheduled for November 25th, is anticipated to add a significant cultural dimension to the traditional sports rivalry, known as “Clean, Old Fashioned Hate.” The concert will be accessible to all ticket holders, offering an additional attraction to the already highly-anticipated game.


Ludacris, born Chris Bridges, has selected a stage on North Avenue, near Tech Tower Lane, for his performance, ensuring optimal visibility for attending fans. Following his act, the Georgia Tech band is slated to perform, extending the entertainment offerings and enriching the overall game-day experience.

A native of metro Atlanta, Ludacris’ involvement is not merely an artistic contribution but also a celebration of local heritage and community spirit. As a globally recognized artist with over 24 million albums sold, Ludacris brings a universal appeal to the event, potentially attracting a diverse audience beyond the regular football fan base.

In the realm of sports, the upcoming game holds significant importance. Georgia Tech, under the guidance of Head Coach Brent Key in his inaugural full season, has shown commendable progress, marking victories against ranked opponents. The University of Georgia, maintaining a formidable presence this season, boasts an impressive streak of 34 straight regular-season victories, including a series of triumphs against Georgia Tech.

The integration of a performance by Ludacris into the pre-game activities for the Georgia Tech vs. Georgia football game represents a fusion of sports and cultural entertainment. This collaboration highlights the evolving nature of college sports events as platforms for a broader engagement with the community.

As the date approaches, the anticipation for both the game and the accompanying musical performance is mounting. This event underscores the synergy between athletic excellence and artistic expression, offering a comprehensive and enriched experience for attendees.

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