Mariah Carey Melts Winter’s Ice to Usher in the Holiday Season: ‘The Festivities Have Begun!’

Renowned singer and actress, Mariah Carey, is already ringing in the holiday spirit. Just a day after Halloween, the 54-year-old global icon unveiled a captivating video, marking the transition from spooky to festive.

The visual spectacle begins with Carey encased in an ice block inside a vault. As the date flips from October 31 to November 1, assistants clad in Halloween attire scramble to melt the ice. The climax? Mariah shatters the icy barrier using her signature high-pitched note.

Following her dramatic emergence, Carey’s timeless classic “All I Want for Christmas is You” fills the atmosphere, rekindling festive memories from her acclaimed 1994 holiday album, Merry Christmas. Such enduring contributions have aptly earned her the title “Queen of Christmas” among her ardent followers.

Reflecting on her deep-rooted affection for the holiday season, Carey confided in a December 2022 interview with The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. She shared, “My childhood had its hardships, and all I yearned for was the quintessential Christmas experience. It was a dream I chased, and now, it’s a dream I live and share with my 11-year-old kids. We immerse ourselves in festive grandeur like never before.”

The holiday season is also set to be musically enriched as Carey gears up for her upcoming “Merry Christmas One and All!” tour this November. Fans can anticipate a heartwarming repertoire of her cherished holiday numbers.

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