Mastering the Magic: How to Customize Double Tap on Apple Watch with watchOS 10.1

Apple never fails to amaze, and the latest addition to its arsenal, Double Tap on the Apple Watch Series 9, is a testament to its commitment to innovation. This feature is designed to redefine convenience, especially when you’ve got your hands full or for those with limited mobility. The Apple ecosystem continues to push boundaries with such thoughtful features. Ready to dive in?

Setting Up Double Tap

Before delving into Double Tap’s intricacies, ensure your device has the most recent updates. Upgrade your iPhone to iOS 17.1, and follow it up by updating your Apple Watch to Watch OS 10.1. The updates, released on October 25, are the gateway to this incredible feature.

Customizing Double Tap: Your Watch, Your Rules

Currently, the customization options for Double Tap are confined to audio playback settings and Smart Stack navigation. While future updates may bring more flexibility, here’s how you can fine-tune it now:

  • Playback: Pinch your fingers to play or pause by default. Alternatively, set it to skip to the next track.
  • Smart Stack: The “Advance” option takes you to the next widget with each tap. Meanwhile, the “Select” option zeroes in on the first widget, with a subsequent tap to confirm.
double tap
double tap update

Exploring Double Tap’s Magic

The beauty of Double Tap lies in its versatility. Here’s a quick list of what you can achieve with a simple double tap:

  • Control audio playback.
  • Manage phone calls – answer or end them.
  • Handle notifications efficiently, including third-party apps.
  • Navigate the Smart Stack effortlessly.
  • Browse and reply to messages.
  • Scroll through extensive notifications.
  • Manage alarms, stopwatch, timers, and even use the Camera Remote on your iPhone.
  • Seamlessly begin or end automatic Workout reminders.
double tap update
double tap update

A distinguishing blue hand icon will grace the top of your watch’s screen whenever you use Double Tap. If an action isn’t supported, the watch gently lets you know by shaking the icon, as if it’s whispering, “Not this time!”

Taking a Break from Double Tap?

Sometimes, less is more. If you ever feel the need to disable Double Tap, simply head back to the settings on your paired iPhone and toggle off the feature. When you miss it (and trust us, you will), re-enabling is just a tap away.

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