Middle-earth Revisited: Peter Jackson Returns with New ‘Lord of the Rings’ Film in the Works

‘Lord of the Rings’ spin-off to star Andy Serkis, confirms Peter Jackson

Official announcement of Warner Bros.’s return to the enthralling Middle-earth universe has been made.

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav disclosed on the company’s first-quarter earnings conference call on Thursday that the firm is starting the script development process for new Lord of the Rings films. Scheduled for premiere in 2026, these much-awaited movies are expected to explore hitherto uncharted territory.

Produced by Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema, the first film is called Lord of the Rings: The Hunt for Gollum.

Middle-earth Revisited: Peter Jackson Returns with New 'Lord of the Rings' Film in the Works
Middle-earth Revisited: Peter Jackson Returns with New 'Lord of the Rings' Film in the Works

This much-awaited film will be directed and starred in by Andy Serkis.

According to CEO David Zaslav, director Peter Jackson will be heavily involved in the creation of the next Lord of the Rings films , along with his seasoned collaborators Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens.

Screenplay writing for the next film projects will be handled by Walsh and Boyens.

This collaboration covers two franchise installments.

In a joint statement, Jackson, Boyens, and Walsh expressed their excitement for the project and their honor at returning to Middle-earth with their renowned colleague Andy Serkis, who will play the legendary Gollum once more.

Warner Bros. film execs Pam Abdy and Mike De Luca emphasized in their comments on the partnership the ongoing commitment of filmmaker Peter Jackson, together with Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens, to maintaining Tolkien’s literary heritage.

They underlined the trio’s crucial influence in creating the cherished Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, making sure it remained faithful to Tolkien’s vision while enthralling viewers all over the world.

In thanking Jackson, Walsh, and Boyens for their contributions to the creation of the two new movies, Abdy and De Luca reaffirmed their dedication to maintaining the high caliber of prior film adaptations.

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