Millie Bobby Brown Battles Dragons in Netflix’s Fantasy Epic ‘Damsel’—A Not-So-Fairy Tale Adventure

As anticipation bubbles among fantasy film aficionados, Netflix has ignited curiosity with a tantalizing teaser for its upcoming film “Damsel,” revealing a poster that casts “Stranger Things” star Millie Bobby Brown in a tale of royal deceit and dragon-bound danger.

Millie Bobby Brown
Millie Bobby Brown

In this beguiling portrayal, Brown steps away from her celebrated persona, Eleven, to don the royal garb of a princess ensnared in a treacherous plot. The film, scripted by Dan Mazeau and under the directorial wand of Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, known for “28 Weeks Later,” promises a narrative woven with dark threads and thrilling twists.

The story unfurls with Brown’s character, a princess who is deceived into a betrothal with a charming prince. However, this nuptial promise is a ruse orchestrated by a royal family with ulterior motives – to fulfill an ancient debt through her sacrifice to a fire-breathing dragon. Trapped in the belly of a cavernous beast’s lair, the princess must harness her intellect and indomitable spirit to escape her fiery fate.

Netflix’s unveiled poster is a testament to the film’s promise of subverting fairytale conventions, showing Brown’s character amid the daunting cliffs of a dragon’s cave, with the evocative tagline, “This is NOT a fairytale,” teasing the film’s darker overtones.

Joining Brown in this fantastical journey is a constellation of stars including Angela Bassett, Robin Wright, Ray Winstone, and Nick Robinson, each poised to bring gravitas and grandeur to the tale’s epic scale.

Slated for a 2024 release on Netflix, “Damsel” is not just another addition to the streaming giant’s repertoire but a strategic move that capitalizes on Brown’s rising star power, particularly highlighted as Netflix celebrated “Stranger Things Day,” offering fans a sneak peek behind the scenes of the play “Stranger Things: The First Shadow.”

As Brown transitions from the supernatural turmoil of Hawkins to the enchanted perils of her latest role, fans eagerly await to see if her survival instincts honed as Eleven will translate into triumph against the draconic dangers that await her in “Damsel.” The streaming platform’s foray into the fantasy genre with “Damsel” is an electrifying prospect, inviting viewers to ponder just how perilous and potent a twisted fairytale can be.

Netflix’s strategic unveiling of “Damsel” hints at a spellbinding story, ready to enchant viewers with a tale that reminds us that in a land of myths and magic, not every damsel must be in distress – some may just be the heroes of their own stories.

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