Philadelphia Eagles Make Fun Nod to Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce with ‘Eagles Win’ Bracelet in Super Bowl Rematch Celebration

In a delightful blend of sports and pop culture, the Philadelphia Eagles have marked their recent victory over the Kansas City Chiefs with a playful tribute to Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce and pop icon Taylor Swift. The Eagles defeated the Chiefs 21-17 in a gripping rematch of the previous year’s Super Bowl, a win they chose to commemorate in a unique way.

On their social media platform X, the Eagles shared an image of a green and white friendship bracelet, similar to those exchanged between Kelce and Swift, emblazoned with the words “EAGLES WIN.” This lighthearted gesture not only celebrates their triumph but also acknowledges the much-talked-about relationship between Kelce and Swift.

The origin of these bracelets traces back to Kelce’s admission on the “New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce” podcast. Kelce expressed regret over not being able to give Swift a personalized bracelet during her ‘Eras’ tour. He humorously mentioned feeling “a little butthurt” about the missed opportunity. This candid revelation sparked a trend among Kelce’s teammates, who began exchanging friendship bracelets themselves, as seen in a TikTok video where Kelce acknowledges their significance.

 friendship bracelets
Kelce relationship of taylor


Swift’s connection to Kelce became public when she was first seen at a Chiefs game in September. Sources close to them described their relationship as “fun,” highlighting Swift’s interactions with Kelce’s family and friends. Swift’s appearance at Arrowhead Stadium later in October, wearing a bracelet with Kelce’s jersey number, further fueled speculation about their romance.

Kelce relationship  of taylor
Kelce relationship of taylor

Kelce opened up about the start of their relationship in a recent interview with WSJ. Magazine. He shared an anecdote about the role of a mutual friend in bringing them together and recounted their initial meeting in New York City, hinting at the ease and comfort of their interactions.

This blend of sports and celebrity romance adds a fascinating dimension to the Eagles’ victory celebration, reflecting not just the competitive spirit on the field but also the playful, interconnected world of athletes and entertainers off the field.

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