Ring in 2023 with Laughs: Kevin Hart and Kenan Thompson’s Back That Year Up Bash on Peacock

As we bid adieu to another vibrant year, the comedy realm is abuzz with anticipation for Back That Year Up, the much-talked-about event of 2023. This year’s edition is particularly special, with the dynamic duo of Kevin Hart and Kenan Thompson at the helm, promising to deliver an unforgettable evening filled with wit, humor, and a dash of satire.

Scheduled for a grand premiere on Peacock this December 26th, Back That Year Up is poised to take viewers on a hilarious journey through the past year’s most notable moments. From the viral sensations that took over social media to the sports triumphs that had fans on their feet, Kevin Hart and Kenan Thompson are ready to dissect them all with their trademark humor and lively banter.

Ring in 2023 with Laughs: Kevin Hart and Kenan Thompson's Back That Year Up Bash on Peacock
Ring in 2023 with Laughs: Kevin Hart and Kenan Thompson's Back That Year Up Bash on Peacock

The excitement is palpable as both hosts, who also double as executive producers, gear up to present their unique takes on pop culture narratives, social media trends, and the political climate of 2023. Their insightful and comedic perspectives are sure to resonate with audiences across the globe.

Adding to the allure of the evening, the event will be graced by a stellar lineup of celebrities who’ve made their mark this year. Names like Simone Biles, Kelly Clarkson, and Jay Pharoah are just a few who will add their sparkle to the night’s festivities, ensuring that ‘Back That Year Up’ is an eclectic mix of personalities and opinions.

In a statement brimming with excitement, Kevin Hart expressed, “It’s a thrill to spearhead Back That Year Up once again, celebrating the rollercoaster that was 2023. We’ve got surprises, laughs, and a hearty dose of nostalgia lined up—this is truly a night not to be missed.”

Kenan Thompson, sharing in the enthusiasm, added, “There’s no better way to wrap up the year than by having a blast with my friend Kevin and an incredible ensemble of guests. We’re set to send off 2023 with a bang and a smile. Get ready to party with us!”

Under the experienced direction of Leslie Small and produced by HARTBEAT, the event is anticipated to be a seamless blend of entertainment, retrospection, and merriment. As the curtain rises on Back That Year Up, it’s not just a celebration of the year that was but also a welcoming of new beginnings. So mark your calendars and prepare for a night that encapsulates the essence of 2023—with a hearty laugh!

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