Rubi Rose OnlyFans Saga: A Fan’s $90K Obsession and Tattoo Tribute Revealed

In a bizarre twist of online fandom, rapper Rubi Rose has found herself at the center of a viral incident. An obsessed OnlyFans subscriber, known for his extravagant spending on her content, has been publicly outed by Rubi Rose herself after spending over $30,000 on her OnlyFans platform. The situation underscores the often strange and intense parasocial relationships that can form in the digital age.

Rubi Rose, like many influencers, has tapped into the lucrative market of OnlyFans, joining the ranks of other successful creators such as Amouranth and Corinna Kopf. But with great profits often come peculiar drawbacks. Recently, Rubi Rose revealed her number one OnlyFans spender’s actions following their in-person meeting. The fan, evidently infatuated, believed he shared a “genuine connection” with Rubi Rose, spending a staggering sum exceeding $90K.

In a series of leaked direct messages, the fan, whom Rubi Rose humorously named “Brandon weird OF fan” on her phone, expressed his willingness to “empty his bank account” for her. His messages, filled with declarations of spending $30,000 more since their meeting, illustrate an intense level of devotion to Rubi Rose.

The situation escalated when the fan divulged his readiness to serve as the rapper’s “maid” and even offered to send her $400,000 in Bitcoin. He went as far as getting Rubi Rose’s face tattooed on his leg, as shown in a video he sent her. Rubi Rose, in response to this overwhelming display of affection, chose not to engage directly but rather shared these messages on Twitter/X, playfully captioning it “Tat my face on u so i know it’s real.”

This incident with the OnlyFans subscriber has shone a light on the sometimes extreme fan behavior that public figures like Rubi Rose encounter. It remains unclear if the fan will heed her light-hearted tattoo request, but this stands out as one of the most unusual interactions witnessed in the realm of OnlyFans interactions.

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