Sarah Herron Bravely Shares Her Twin Naming Journey Amidst Past Heartache

Sarah Herron, known for her appearance on “The Bachelor,” recently opened up about the complexities of choosing names for her twins, a decision made more challenging by her past trauma. In a heartfelt exchange with her followers on Instagram, Herron shared her struggles with finalizing a baby name, a process marred by her previous experiences. “We have 1 name that Dylan loves,” she revealed, yet her own feelings remain unsettled, attributing her indecision in part to trauma.

Herron’s journey through pregnancy has been anything but ordinary. Despite the joy of expecting twins, she candidly admits there’s a part of her pregnancy journey she’s kept under wraps, hinting at the emotional and mental toll it has taken on her. “I think there’s this side of me in this pregnancy that I haven’t been fully transparent or sharing very candidly,” Herron expressed, shedding light on the often unspoken challenges of pregnancy after loss.

In her pursuit of motherhood, Herron has sought the expertise of genetic counselors and maternal-fetal medicine specialists, aiming to navigate the precarious path of pregnancy following the heartbreak of losing a child. Herron and her partner, Dylan Brown, faced unimaginable sorrow in January 2023 when their son, Oliver, passed away at 24 weeks. This loss has profoundly influenced Herron’s current pregnancy experience, as she endeavors to find hope amidst the pain.

Herron’s openness about her IVF journey and fertility treatments has been a source of strength for many. Following her son Oliver’s death, Herron embarked on a determined quest to expand her family, undergoing her first embryo transfer in June 2023 and planning another later in the year.

In sharing her story, Herron provides a voice for the many who navigate the turbulent waters of fertility challenges and pregnancy after loss. Her resilience and openness serve not only to demystify the struggles faced by many but also to offer a beacon of hope to those walking a similar path.

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