Scott Brothers Gear Up: Two New HGTV Series & ‘Celebrity IOU’ Returns in 2024

The Scott brothers, Drew and Jonathan, the dynamic duo synonymous with riveting home renovation and real estate ventures, are expanding their impressive HGTV portfolio. Two brand new series, tentatively titled “Backed by the Bros” and “Don’t Hate Your House With the Property Brothers,” are on the horizon. Moreover, their fan-favorite “Celebrity IOU” has been greenlit for its fourth season, set to debut in 2024.

“Backed by the Bros” promises to be an entrepreneurial adventure, where the Scotts will channel their industry expertise to mentor budding entrepreneurs on maximizing returns from their high-stakes investment properties.

Meanwhile, in “Don’t Hate Your House,” they take on the noble mission of transforming problematic residences into dream homes, ensuring families find renewed love and pride in their living spaces.

The cherry on top? Both these fresh endeavors and the fourth season of “Celebrity IOU” come to life under the banner of Scott Brothers Entertainment, a division of the Scott Brothers Global empire. The brothers will don the hats of executive producers, and “Don’t Hate Your House With the Property Brothers” will also see collaboration from Corus Entertainment.

For ardent fans, the wait for these series will be cushioned by a plethora of content from the brothers’ enduring partnership with HGTV. Shows like “Property Brothers: Forever Home,” “Brother vs. Brother,” and past seasons of “Celebrity IOU” can be binge-watched on Max and Discovery+.”

Loren Ruch, HGTV’s content maestro, shared, “Drew and Jonathan consistently bring forth pioneering content like ‘Celebrity IOU,’ catapulting our ratings and captivating vast viewer bases. Their upcoming shows will provide an invigorating glimpse into their vast reservoir of home renovation and real estate acumen, as they navigate intricate property challenges.”

Scott Brothers
Scott Brothers

Drew Scott echoed the excitement, stating, “We’re ecstatic about hosting and producing ‘Backed By The Bros’ and ‘Don’t Hate Your House with the Property Brothers.’ Our aim? To deliver top-tier entertainment by leveraging our expansive industry know-how, especially during testing times for entrepreneurs and families.”

Jonathan Scott chimed in, “We’re buzzing with anticipation for our latest projects and are committed to delivering content that’s not just entertaining but also rich in knowledge. Our dedication to the realm of real estate and home renovation motivates us to consistently find tailored design solutions for properties.”

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