SNL Takes a Humorous Jab at Deion Sanders Colorado Football in ‘Weekend Update’ Skit

After a dramatic twist in Friday’s football match between Colorado and Stanford, the iconic sketch show, “Saturday Night Live”, couldn’t resist making it the centerpiece of their humor. Aiming their wit squarely at Coach Deion Sanders, the segment was brought to life by Kenan Thompson’s impersonation of “Coach Prime.”

Draped in Colorado’s emblematic white hoodie and cap, complemented with sunglasses, Thompson’s Coach Prime took center stage with “Weekend Update” host, Colin Jost. The lighthearted exchange teased the 46-43 double overtime loss to Stanford, even more shocking considering the 29-0 lead Colorado had initially secured. Especially jarring given the team’s promising start under Sanders’ leadership, boasting a 3-0 lead before settling into their current 4-3 record.

Despite the loss, Thompson’s Sanders remained defiantly upbeat: “We just keep winning. Every game, every minute. We’re winning at life.” Jost humorously pointed out the evident contradiction with their recent results.

The conversation soon veered toward Sanders’ career decisions, notably his move from Jackson State, a prestigious historically Black university, to Colorado. “Coaching is a divine endeavor,” quipped Thompson’s Coach Prime. The jesting continued as they broached the subject of Sanders’ perception of Colorado, cheekily highlighting its contrasting demographic to Jackson State.

Jost’s commentary on Sanders’ switch and a playful jibe on the ethnic makeup of Colorado versus Jackson State brought both humor and subtle commentary. The fictional Coach Prime’s assertion that Colorado is an HWCU (historically white college) juxtaposed against Jost’s alma mater, Harvard, being “diverse” drew much laughter.

Concluding the segment, the article reminds fans that Colorado will take a brief respite before their upcoming game against UCLA on Oct. 28.

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