Snoop Dogg’s Global Cannabis Connections: Unearthed Secrets on ‘Kimmel’

Snoop Dogg graced the stage of “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last night, putting to rest any debate about his global connections, especially when it comes to sourcing cannabis. The iconic rapper humorously shared with host Jimmy Kimmel that whenever there’s a need, be it in Mexico, Ireland, or almost anywhere else, he’s the go-to guy. However, he amusingly admitted having no contacts in North Korea, later realizing he was referencing South Korea.

Kimmel took this moment to play a fun game, listing countries and inquiring if Snoop had a connection there. The answers were predominantly affirmative, apart from the North Korean mix-up. The episode wasn’t just about Snoop’s global cannabis web. He reflected on the 30-year journey since his debut with “Doggystyle” and the culinary venture he’s embarked upon with E-40.

Coincidentally, Snoop’s birthday, which falls on October 20th, is half a year post the famed 4/20. Kimmel humorously declared this date “Doggfather’s Day,” even showcasing spoof tributes from prominent figures like the Pope and President Joe Biden.

A charming anecdote from Ed Sheeran added a touch of comedy to the episode. Sheeran nostalgically recalled an evening in Melbourne where he, not a regular cannabis user, decided to partake in a smoke session with Snoop Dogg, leading to some unexpectedly hilarious consequences.

In other Snoop ventures, September saw him collaborating with Chris Stapleton and drummer Cindy Blackman Santana, delivering a riveting rendition of Phil Collins’ classic, “In the Air Tonight,” a treat for ESPN’s Monday Night Football viewers. This versatile artist, Snoop Dogg, never fails to entertain, innovate, and surprise.

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