Steelers vs. Titans Week 9: Mike Tomlin’s Key Call — Is Pickett Ready to Lead?

The air is thick with anticipation as the Pittsburgh Steelers prepare for their Week 9 face-off against the Tennessee Titans. While Minkah Fitzpatrick’s absence is certain, all eyes are on quarterback Kenny Pickett’s participation. Coach Mike Tomlin, while not outright dismissing Pickett’s inclusion, clearly articulated his reservations.

Tomlin said, “I need more than just a medical all-clear for Kenny. He’s a promising talent, but readiness is multifaceted. Beyond his rib injury, I’m expecting to witness some substantial signs of physical readiness if he’s to lead.”

The 2022 season unfolded interestingly, with Mitch Trubisky unable to firmly seize the leading quarterback mantle even after regaining fitness. This scenario allowed Pickett to sustain his position at the forefront. Though Trubisky’s stint, especially the two pivotal interceptions against the Jacksonville Jaguars, drew some criticisms, he undeniably brought a heightened sense of pocket dynamism and nimbleness to the field.

Current debates around the prime quarterback seem somewhat superfluous. It’s widely acknowledged: The Steelers are resonating with Kenny Pickett’s leadership. Nonetheless, it’s undeniable that in areas where Pickett has shown weakness, Trubisky has displayed commanding prowess.

Steelers vs. Titans Week 9
Steelers vs. Titans Week 9

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