Travis Barker Reveals Past Attraction to Kim Kardashian and How Kourtney Healed His Fear of Flying.

In a revealing interview published Sunday by the Los Angeles Times, Travis Barker, the renowned drummer from Blink-182, divulged details about his life, career, and the aftermath of a harrowing 2008 plane crash. In the same interview, he also touched upon his burgeoning relationship with Kourtney Kardashian, offering insights into their deep bond, past traumas, and the journey of their love.

Both residing in the same vicinity, Travis, 47, and Kourtney, 44, nurtured a deep friendship spanning over a decade. They often found common ground in their workout sessions. However, it was a cozy movie night, infused with a touch of tequila, when Travis sensed a growing closeness. Still, he believed that taking the first step should be Kourtney’s decision, reminiscing, “Nah, it’s on you.”

 Valentine's Day 2021 Travis Barker and  Kourtney
Kourtney and Travis

Their relationship blossomed further, and by Valentine’s Day 2021, the duo took to Instagram to announce their official relationship status. Their whirlwind romance led to an engagement in October of the same year, and the couple sealed their bond with a wedding in Italy in May 2022.

While the Kardashians are known for their larger-than-life reality shows, Travis has been a familiar face on their platform, especially during pivotal moments like his proposal. Yet, the drummer asserted his perspective on fame, stating, “Celebrity is not my identity. Or Kourt’s.” He further differentiated Kourtney from her sisters, emphasizing her uniqueness.

Kourtney and Travis
Kourtney and Travis

However, amidst the media buzz, old chapters from Travis’s 2016 memoir “Can I Say” surfaced, highlighting his admiration for Kim Kardashian. He recollects their first encounter in 2006 when Kim was working for Paris Hilton. Despite his relationship with Paris, Travis couldn’t help but admire Kim. Yet, he firmly clarified that their bond never ventured beyond friendship. Addressing speculations, Travis added, “That’s her sister. She knows we used to talk. People assume too much, thinking they’ve uncovered the ‘reason’ behind every feud.”

One of the most heart-wrenching chapters of Travis’s life is the 2008 plane crash. The horrific incident claimed four lives and left Travis with third-degree burns on 65% of his body. The trauma of the accident haunted him so much that he couldn’t fathom flying again. But in August 2021, he took a courageous step and boarded a plane, crediting Kourtney for his newfound courage. “With you anything is possible,” he poignantly captioned an Instagram photo, holding Kourtney against the backdrop of a jet. He wasn’t alone during the crash; he was with his DJ, the late DJ AM. Reflecting on his journey to recovery, Travis stated, “The power of love transformed me. Kourtney healed not just me, but my kids as well.”

This touching tale of love, recovery, and resilience showcases the depth of human relationships and the healing power of love.

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