1: The Breakup Announcement

Tiffany Haddish and Common ended their relationship in 2021 after a year together.

2: Tiffany's Best Wishes 

Tiffany recently expressed her happiness for Common and Jennifer Hudson, sending them her best wishes on a podcast.

3: A Playful Analogy 

Tiffany compared the end of her relationship with Common to a childhood playdate, where friends suddenly disappear.

4: Beginning of Their Relationship 

Tiffany and Common first met while filming The Kitchen in 2019 and went public with their relationship in 2020. 

5: Mutual Agreement 

Common shared that he and Tiffany mutually agreed to end their relationship to maintain their love and support for each other.

6: Moving Forward 

Both Tiffany and Common have shown maturity and positivity in moving on from their relationship, focusing on their individual growth and happiness.