Tiffany Haddish Blesses Ex Common’s New Romance with Jennifer Hudson: A Graceful Response to Their Love Story

In 2021 Tiffany Haddish and Common broke up.

Tiffany Haddish just sent best wishes for her ex-boyfriend Common’s new relationship with Jennifer Hudson.

The 44-year-old declared candidly on the Making Space With Hoda Kotb podcast on Wednesday, May 8: “I love Jennifer. Maybe they’re enjoying themselves. Girl, please. Speaking candidly about her friendship with the Just Wright actor, Haddish said, “It’s like, you remember when you were a kid and you’d be on a play date, and you’d like playing, having a good time, and then all of a sudden, y’all like sliding down the slide, and then you turn around and go, ‘Where did they go? They disappeared, where did they go?

Common's new relationship with Jennifer Hudson
Common's new relationship with Jennifer Hudson

And you see mama carrying them and them waving at you. Byeee, they say. It was just like that, she said.

To the uninitiated, Haddish and Common they initially met while shooting the 2019 Film The Kitchen.

But in November 2021—a year after making their relationship public—the pair officially announced their split.

Fans were intrigued, though, when Common and Hudson were first seen together in 2022. Together they went to several events, including basketball games.

During a guest appearance on Hollywood Unlocked With Jason Lee: Uncensored, Common discussed how he and Tiffany “mutually” agreed to end their relationship.

“That this is what’s gonna be best for us, to continue to love each other and be there for each other is to not be in a romantic relationship because we won’t be able to give to that,” he said.

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