1. Early Fanhood

Ryan Gosling has been a fan of Angela Bassett for over 13 years, dating back to his teenage years.

2. Memorable Performance 

 Gosling was particularly impressed by Bassett's performance in the 1993 movie "What's Love Got to Do with It," where she portrayed Tina Turner.

3. The Ultimate Warrior Incident

Before receiving Bassett's autograph, Gosling had asked professional wrestler The Ultimate Warrior for an autograph, but he declined. 

4. Chance Encounter

Gosling happened to encounter Bassett and comedian Sinbad at an AMC movie theater, where he mustered the courage to ask for her autograph. 

5. Generous Gesture

Despite his previous rejection, Bassett graciously gave Gosling his first autograph, making the encounter a memorable one for the young fan. 

6. Lasting Impact

Gosling's admiration for Bassett and her work has endured over the years, showcasing the lasting impact celebrities can have on their fans.