1: Premiere Date

Deadliest Catch Season 20 premieres on Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. this June on the Discovery Channel.

2: Returning Favorites 

Fan-favorite captains like Sig Hansen, Jake Anderson, Steve "Harley" Davidson, and "Wild" Bill Wichrowski are back.

3: New Challenges 

Season 20 brings new challenges and intense crab fishing adventures in the treacherous Bering Sea.

4: Missing Elements

The F/V Saga, a staple since the pilot episode, will not be featured this season, to the surprise of many fans.

5: Crew Changes

Jake Anderson, Sophia 'Bob' Nielsen, and Sean Dwyer are no longer part of the show, marking the end of an era for the F/V Saga.

6: Fan Reactions

Fans have expressed their disappointment on Reddit upon discovering that the Saga has been sold.

7: Exciting Season Ahead 

Despite the changes, Season 20 promises thrilling episodes with its seasoned captains and new fishing expeditions.