Departure of F/V Saga and Jake Anderson: The Real Reason Behind ‘Deadliest Catch’ Season 20 Shake-Up

Deadliest Catch has featured the F/V Saga ever since the show’s pilot.

Fans are overjoyed to have Deadliest Catch back on TV in June.

Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. will mark the official debut of the much-awaited 20th season. Even though many famous individuals come back on the show, some viewers may notice that some long-standing elements—like the F/V Saga—are missing.

Renowned crab fishing specialists return to the Discovery Channel this summer with Deadliest Catch. Along with other well-known personalities, Season 20 will include Sig Hansen, Jake Anderson, Steve “Harley” Davidson, “Wild” Bill Wichrowski, and more.

With three exceptions that have been dropped since the previous season, the Deadliest Catch vessels are back and just as well-known as their human captains and crews.

One of the well-known fishing vessels from Deadliest Catch may not be there when viewers tune in to season 20 this June.

Deadliest Catch has featured The F/V Saga since the show’s pilot.

With the Discovery Channel program having debuted in 2005, the F/V Saga has had an incredibly extended run on the network. But since Jake Anderson, Sophia ‘Bob’ Nielsen, and Sean Dwyer are no longer employed by the show, it seems that the Saga’s time there has come to an end.

Reddit users post comments in a discussion on a Dock Street Brokers listing for a yacht that looks like the Saga.

After determining that the boat in the pictures is the Saga that is being sold, a lot of people voice their sorrow.

The news “sucked,” according to one person, and “that’s truly disheartening.” to others.

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