Ryan Reynolds and Mom Delight ‘The View’ Audience with Surprise Visit

The moderator of the Views, Whoopi Goldberg, noticed Ryan Reynolds and his mother in the front row

Ryan Reynolds‘ appearance with his mother Tamara Lee Reynolds on The View on June 10th shocked the viewers. The unplanned visit happened during a conversation at the Daytime Emmys regarding a recent makeup mishap.

The actor and his mother were presented to the crowd by show moderator Whoopi Goldberg after she noticed them in the front row. Ryan, who is best known for playing Wolverine and Deadpool, said he was realizing his mother’s long-held desire to go to The View.

Jokingly, the 47-year-old actor said he would do anything his mother asked to prevent any “unspeakable violence.” He also talked about how he secured their appearance on the show by using his position as Blake Lively’s husband. Co-hosts of the show then spoke with Tamara, who reaffirmed her dedication to watching every day.

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