Ryan Reynolds Kids ‘Obsessed’ with ‘IF’ Trailer, Cailey Fleming Wins Hearts

Ryan Reynolds says getting them to school got difficult.

It’s become a morning routine for Ryan Reynolds kids to watch the trailer for his new film “IF” several times. The actor told PEOPLE this hilarious story on the red carpet of the movie’s premiere, saying that his kids—who hadn’t watched the entire film—were “pretty obsessed” with the trailer and all of the promotional videos on YouTube.

The four kids of Blake Lively and Reynolds—James (9), Inez (7½), Betty (4½), and their youngest, born in February 2023—have grown especially attached to Reynolds’ co-star Cailey Fleming, who plays the primary role in the movie. Even joking, the actor said Fleming would be his first pick among the group to watch the kids.

In the family-friendly film “IF,” a girl who can see her imagined friends sets out to find their real counterparts. Among the star-studded ensemble of the movie are Steve Carell, who plays a huge purple imaginary buddy; Bradley Cooper; Maya Rudolph; Awkwafina; Amy Schumer; and more.

Reynolds amusedly related on the “Today” program about his daughter Betty’s strong imagination, saying that she frequently sees imaginary pals. He said, laughing, that he’s relieved her made-up buddy isn’t his superhero character Deadpool, but rather Harvey, a 6-foot-5 rabbit from the beloved film.

Ryan Reynolds kids will undoubtedly be among the first in line to watch “IF” when it opens in theaters on May 17.

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