Sydney Sweeney Set to Star in Edgar Wright’s Barbarella Remake

Due to Sydney Sweeney‘s hectic schedule, the project is still in the early phases of development.

Reuniting with star Sydney Sweeney for a Barbarella remake, Sony Pictures is acting swiftly to cash in on the success of their recent smash, “Anyone But You”.

Edgar Wright and Jane Goldman are in talks to direct, and Honey Ross and Jane Goldman are negotiating to write the screenplay.

Wright’s dedication to his impending “The Running Man” reboot and Sydney Sweeney‘s hectic schedule means that the project is still in its early phases of production.

But Goldman and Ross’s involvement—who are credited with starting popular franchises like the Kingsman and X-Men series—shows that Sony has big plans for the movie.

Wright met with Sweeney following the first announcement, demonstrating his enthusiasm for the project, although he has only lately committed to possibly directing.

The tone Sony and Sweeney are going for, according to insiders, fits with Wright’s unique visual style and penchant for lighthearted, imaginative filmmaking. The company and Wright have a solid relationship that dates back to “Baby Driver”.

The new Barbarella, which is based on the beloved 1968 film, will follow a 41st-century astronaut as she sets out to stop the wicked scientist Durand Durand, whose Positronic Ray poses a menace to the cosmos.

Despite not being a box office success, the first movie has a dedicated fan base that has grown over time.

This noteworthy advancement comes after Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell’s romantic comedy “Anyone But You” had enormous success globally, grossing $210 million on a $30 million budget.

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