Sarah Paulson’s Theatrical Anecdote: The Day Trish Hawkins Surprised Her with Six Pages of Unsolicited Notes

Sarah Paulson, shocked by this “outrageous” deed, described the event in a lighthearted manner.

During a recent episode of the “Smartless” podcast, Sarah Paulson related an incredible story about getting six pages of unsolicited feedback from actor Trish Hawkins after she appeared in the play “Talley’s Folly.”

The play’s original Sally Talley, Trish Hawkins, went with Sarah Paulson’s mother, and afterward, she sent a long email criticizing Paulson’s performance and making recommendations based on personal experience. Paulson, shocked by this “outrageous” deed, described the story hilariously on the podcast, even bringing up Hawkins’ name despite the potential legal fallout.

Although she acknowledged that she still had the notes, she never told her mother about what had happened.

Paulson and the podcast producers talked about how it’s customary for celebs to meet the actors backstage and whether or not they would take criticism from them. Paulson’s story brought to light the uncomfortable and unexpected criticism that performers can get.

Paulson’s career has flourished despite this peculiar encounter; last year, she received her first Tony nomination for her performance in “Appropriate.”

Her other Broadway credits include “The Glass Menagerie,” “The Sisters Rosensweig,” and “Collected Stories.”

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