1. Timing of the Announcement

Dean McDermott's announcement of his new girlfriend on Instagram came shortly after Tori Spelling filed for divorce in March, ending their 18-year marriage.

2. Introduction of Lily Calo

McDermott introduced his new girlfriend, Lily Calo, in a photo posted on Instagram. The picture was taken at The Magic Castle, a VIP club in Los Angeles. 

3. Caption and Photo

In the caption of the Instagram post, Sometimes ya just gotta put on your best duds and take your girl to The Magic Castle. Cuz she’s Magic!! ????#mylovey

4. Tori Spelling's Podcast Revelation

In the premiere episode of her podcast misSPELLING, Tori Spelling opened up about feeling alone and unworthy of love, despite wanting a divorce for 15 years.

5. Delay in Divorce 

Spelling disclosed that she postponed getting a divorce for the benefit of their children, expressing regret that the marriage didn't end sooner due to lack of honesty.

6. Reflections on the Relationship

Both McDermott and Spelling have hinted that had there been more open communication and honesty, the marriage might have ended earlier.

7. Public Reaction

The public has shown interest in McDermott's new relationship and the timing of his announcement following Spelling's divorce filing, sparking discussions about the nature of their past relationship.