Dean McDermott Announces New Girlfriend on Instagram Following Tori Spelling’s Divorce Filing

The social media posting by Dean McDermott follows Tori Spelling‘s March divorce filing.

Dean McDermott, Tori Spelling’s ex, formally announced his new girlfriend on Instagram.

The 57-year-old actor posted a photo of himself and his girlfriend Lily Calo at The Magic Castle, a VIP club in Los Angeles. Sometimes ya just gotta put on your best duds and take your girl to The Magic Castle. Cuz she’s Magic!! ????#mylovey, he wrote on his first official photo.

The picture was taken following the March 29 divorce filing by his 18-year wife, Tori.

In her podcast misSPELLING‘s premiere episode, Tori said, “I’ve never felt more alone. Nothing about me feels worthy of love. It is the reality. And I neither intended nor made that; it’s something that is just in you.

She further disclosed that, although wanting a divorce “for 15 years,” she put off getting one for the benefit of her kids.

If we had a heart-to-heart, I believe Dean would say the same thing. Had Tori been honest, it would have ended far sooner.

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