Sophie Turner’s Candid Revelation: The Truth Behind Her Divorce from Joe Jonas

The actress talks about her mental battles in the wake of her divorce from the singer.

In a recent Vogue interview, Sophie Turner talked about her struggles with anxiety and depression following her divorce from Joe Jonas.

Regarding the public attention surrounding her divorce, the Game of Thrones actress called those days the “worst few days of her life.”

I mean, those were the worst three days of my life, Sophie told Vogue. Some days I wondered if I would survive.

And then, at last, after two weeks of me being stuck in a rut, she reminded me that I was battling for my kids.

Joe and their two daughters, Willa, who is four, and Delphine, who is one, were in the United States at the time, while Sophie was in the United Kingdom filming the television series Joan. “I was not allowed to leave because I had a two-week commitment to be on site. I had to finish Joan before I could see my kids in the States. And all these pieces began to appear,” Turner said.

As word leaked out online, speculations that Sophie’s alleged binge drinking led to their breakup proliferated, especially in light of pictures of her having a night out with co-stars just before Joe filed for divorce.

“I just had to tell myself, ‘None of this is true,'” Turner said. You have never partied and you are a wonderful mother.

Though a picture may say a thousand words, it is not my tale. I felt like I was seeing a film about my life that I had not written, directed, or acted in. Quite startling. I still find it unbelievable. Turner kept going.

Sophie came clean about her battles with depression and anxiety in her Vogue interview. My emotional processing is not very Good. I keep things hidden, and eventually, the actress said, they will surface as anxiety or despair in years to come.

I put them aside and they’ll come out in years as anxiety or depression, the actress said.

Joe proposed to Sophie a year after they started dating in 2016. Later that summer, they wed in France after eloping in Las Vegas.

Sophie thanked her closest friends—Taylor Swift among them—for their help during the difficult time that followed her well reported divorce from Joe last year.

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