Jennifer Lopez and ben Affleck: The End of Their Marriage?

As their marriage falters, sources say Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are headed for divorce.

Less than two years after getting married, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are apparently about to file for divorce.

They just couldn’t make it work, a source close to the pair told In Touch, putting an end to their restored affair.


“It’s done; the writing is on the wall,” the insider said in a recent interview. Noting a change in the couple’s relationship, the source continued, “They’re headed for a divorce – and for once, [Ben’s] not to blame!”

Following rumors that Affleck had already left their $60 million shared residence, Lopez was seen house searching in Beverly Hills alone. The insider claims that Affleck is now putting “his work and his kids,” first, as the pair deals with the reality of selling their ideal house—a house they looked for for two years.

“They’ll never stop loving each other,” the source said, “but neither she nor him can change the other. No way could it have endured.”

Suspicion has been stoked by recent public appearances of Lopez alone on occasions where the pair was formerly inseparable.

Significantly, Lopez went to the Met Gala alone this year even though she was a co-chair, while Affleck skipped because of obligations to his next movie, “The Accountant 2.”

Their interactions have also been tense; one source said, “You can always see how miserable Ben Affleck is when he is at public events with Jennifer Lopez.”

As Lopez explores the intricacies of their relationship in her most recent documentary, “The Greatest Love Story Never Told,” this pressure appears to reverberate with earlier difficulties.

Even with their best efforts—including going to couples therapy—the insider implied that a divorce might be unavoidable. “There is a major chance that we could be reporting on a possible divorce soon if things continue the way they are going at the moment,” the insider said.

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