Wonder Woman’s Lynda Carter Confesses: The Fear Behind Her Timeless Beauty

In a recent revelation to PEOPLE, Lynda Carter, famed for her role as the original Wonder Woman, opened up about her perspectives on aging, her reluctance towards cosmetic surgery, and how she has maintained her iconic status over the years. At 72, Carter continues to be recognized for her portrayal of the superheroine, a testament to the enduring legacy of her character since its debut in 1976.

“Even after all these years, people still recognize me as Wonder Woman,” Carter shared, reflecting on the lasting impact of her role on her personal and professional life. Her appearance has evolved naturally over the decades, something that Carter views positively. “I haven’t changed too dramatically,” she remarked, attributing her timeless look to her decision against altering her features through surgery. “I don’t cut my face, so I probably look just myself, but older,” she said.

The actress’s fear of cosmetic surgery stems from witnessing the adverse outcomes it can have. “And I’ve never had any facial surgery because I’m afraid. It’s scary because we’ve all seen some bad ones,” Carter stated, voicing a common concern over the risks associated with such procedures.

Carter also touched upon her recent appearance at Paris Fashion Week, where she was accompanied by her daughter, Jessica, 32. The duo turned heads with their stunning looks, a result Carter credits to the expertise of makeup and hair professionals. “That outcome is spending time in a chair with some good people doing your hair and makeup,” she explained, adding humorously, “If everyone did a three-hour makeover before they left the house, then they’d all look amazing.”

Beyond her timeless beauty and iconic roles, Carter shared insights into her life decisions, particularly her move away from Hollywood in the early ’80s. Following her marriage to the late lawyer Robert Altman, Carter chose to focus on her family, raising her children in Washington, D.C., a choice that took her away from the limelight but brought her fulfillment.

Lynda Carter’s reflections offer a rare glimpse into the life of a woman who has navigated fame and personal identity with grace and authenticity. Her stance on aging gracefully without resorting to cosmetic surgery speaks volumes about her confidence and self-acceptance, qualities that have endeared her to fans across generations. As she continues to embrace her role as a cultural icon, Carter’s legacy as Wonder Woman and as a role model for natural beauty and aging remains as relevant and inspiring as ever.

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