Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Jade Ties the Knot in Intimate Ceremony

Pictures from her idyllic wedding in Battle Creek, Michigan, are revealed by Eminem’s daughter

Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade, started a new chapter in her life this past weekend as she tied the knot in a small ceremony with Evan McClintock.

Hailie announced on Instagram, “Waking up a wife this week,” and shared stunning photos from her wedding day to commemorate the occasion. “The weekend celebration was even more lovely than we could have imagined. Many joyful tears were cried, smiles and laughs were shared, and love was felt in plenty. “Evan and I are feeling so grateful for all of the family & friends that traveled to support us and be a part of this new chapter of our lives as husband and wife????,” Hailie continued.

After exchanging vows, Hailie and Evan kiss tenderly in one photo, and as the newlyweds leave the location, in another.

Hailie exuded charm in a white strapless gown and a lovely floor-length veil. Evan said, looking just as handsome, “That’s my wife.” Commenters wrote, “Best weekend of my life.” While some fans were disappointed that Eminem was not in the posted photos, others supported the couple’s right to enjoy their time together apart from Eminem’s public persona.

TMZ said that Hailie and Eminem danced as father and daughter during the Battle Creek, Michigan event.

Less than a year after their engagement in February last year, Hailie and Evans married. They started seeing each other in 2016.

Kim Scott’s only biological kid is Hailie; Eminem is also the father of two adoptive children, Stevie and Aliana Marie Scott.

Kim’s son Stevie with her ex-partner Eric Hartter passed away of substance addiction in 2019, while Aliana was the daughter of her twin sister Dawn Scott, who passed away of substance misuse in 2016.

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