First Look at ‘The Smashing Machine’: Dwayne Johnson Like You’ve Never Seen Him

In the upcoming biopic, Dwayne Johnson looks nothing like a UFC fighter.

The latest glimpse at the A24 biopic “The Smashing Machine” features Dwayne Johnson in the lead role nearly unrecognizable.

Johnson explores the life and wrestling career of former UFC fighter Mark Kerr.

Renowned for directing films like “Uncut Gems” and “Good Time” with Brother Josh Safdie, Benny Safdie offers an engrossing performance.

A fresh picture that A24 recently released shows Dwayne Johnson in the ring and provides a sneak peek at his portrayal. It’s billed as a “First look at Benny Safdie’s THE SMASHING MACHINE starring The Rock and Emily Blunt.”

Shot from a distance beyond the ropes of the boxing ring, it shows Johnson sitting shirtless inside.

Johnson possesses the physicality required by the part with his strong body and powerful muscles.

Johnson, who has a shining complexion and a black hairdo, is positioned among his trainers and radiates Mark Kerr.

Johnson is there, although, in this powerful portrait, his radical metamorphosis makes him nearly unrecognizable.

The release date for “The Smashing Machine” has not yet been disclosed by A24.

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