Google’s New Privacy Tool: How to Remove Your Personal Contact Info from Search Results

In the digital age, personal privacy is more important than ever. Recognizing this growing concern, Google has recently introduced a Beta feature that empowers users to control their personal information. The tool allows you to easily request the removal of your phone, email, and home address from Google’s search results. While this doesn’t eradicate the information from the entirety of the web or the specific website it’s on, it does prevent it from popping up when your name is entered in Google’s search bar.

Here’s a snapshot of how this innovative “Remove this result” function operates:

  1. Getting Started: Begin by searching for your name on Google.
  2. Identify & Select: Spot the website link that displays the personal info you wish to have removed. To its right, you’ll find three vertical dots. Click on them.
  3. Navigate the Options: A “Remove result” option will appear on the top right. Click on it. While five choices will be presented, to remove the phone number, email, or home address, select “It shows my personal contact info.” For different requirements, other categories are available. Navigate using the arrows provided.
  4. Confirmation & Details: Post reviewing Google’s terms and signing into your desired Google account, click “Continue” thrice. Subsequently, enter the exact personal info you wish to have delisted, for instance, your phone number. After verifying the details, click “Continue.”
  5. Final Step: Click “Send” to submit your request, and then “I’m done” to revert to your search results.
  6. Track Your Request: Curious about the status? Click on the “Go to removal requests” bar. For a deeper dive into its status, go to the “Data & privacy” section in your Google Account. Navigate to “My Activity”, click the three dots in the search bar, select “Other activity”, and finally, choose “Manage results about you”.

Additionally, Google provides an alternative link for a broader scope of removal reasons. For more serious personal data breaches, like your Social Security or bank account numbers, opt for the “Content contains your personal information” route.

With this forward-thinking initiative, Google is not only enhancing user experience but also emphasizing the importance of digital privacy. Remember, in an online world, staying informed and proactive is the key to safeguarding your personal realm.

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