Rebecca Loos Addresses Beckham Affair Rumors in Netflix Documentary

In the limelight of Netflix’s “Beckham,” a compelling four-part docuseries detailing David and Victoria Beckham’s enduring 26-year romance, allegations from 2004 are brought to the forefront. As the series unveils, after David’s transfer to Real Madrid, he employed Rebecca Loos as his assistant, leading to widespread rumors about an affair.

Rebecca Loos, originally from Spain and a renowned Dutch model, candidly expressed her perspective in a recent Dailymail interview. She conveyed disappointment with David’s portrayal of events in the docuseries, stating, “It feels as if the narrative is tilted towards me being the villain, causing distress to Victoria.” Challenging David’s narrative, Loos emphasized, “He should step up and acknowledge the truth rather than projecting the ‘woe is me’ image.”

David, in the documentary, tactfully avoids naming Loos but candidly speaks about his move to Spain as a tumultuous period for his wife, Victoria. “Victoria means the world to me,” he passionately conveys. “Witnessing her anguish was heart-wrenching. But during those times, it was imperative for us to rally behind each other and our family. We staunchly believe that our bond was worth every ounce of the fight. However, the intricacies of our personal life remain ours.”

Victoria, globally recognized as a member of the Spice Girls, further delves into the intricacies of their relationship during the Spain move, saying, “It was an uphill battle, it felt as if the world turned its back on us. And the bitter truth? We were on opposing ends too.”

Director Fisher Stevens
Director Fisher Stevens

Director Fisher Stevens, at the helm of the “Beckham” docuseries, avoided prodding David about the alleged affair. In a interview with USA TODAY, Stevens clarified his stance, “My focal point was their relationship’s resilience, the challenges they faced, and how they surmounted them.”

In the wake of the series, Loos remains firm, “It’s essential for my children to recognize their mother’s bravery in standing against strong currents and advocating the truth.”

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