Kate Hudson Opens Up About ‘Unhealthy’ Dynamic with Ex Chris Robinson

Kate Hudson, aged 21 years old, wed Chris Robinson, who was 34.

Kate Hudson recently discussed in an interview her early marriage experience.

As she is enjoying the success of her just-released debut album Glorious, the 45-year-old actress revealed her stance on relationships.

On Wednesday, May 22, Hudson made an appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast to promote her next album. She talked about her first marriage to Chris Robinson, when she was 21 years old, calling it her “first real love.”

When asked about being married young, the Bride Wars alum disclosed that she had just been eighteen when she first met Robinson, who was then 34.

While making it clear that marrying him was “not a mistake,” Hudson made hints that the experience was “unhealthy.”

“I think I might have gotten it right, you know, looking back at my whole life at this point,” she remarked. We’re required to do it a certain way, which I understand because I genuinely believe in the unit and believe it’s what’s lacking right now.

“But I do believe that a unit can exist differently than this sort of, like, extremely kind of religious concept of marriage and male-female relationship,” the actress said.

“For me, having the means and the ability to choose to be more healthy in relationships means that it’s easy; it’s kind of been easier for me to exit unhealthy relationships,” Hudson said, underscoring the significance of healthy connections even more.

Hudson fiance Danny Fujikawa
Hudson fiance Danny Fujikawa

Hudson made her future intentions to wed fiancé Danny Fujikawa known to the uninitiated earlier this month.

Professionally, on May 17 the singer debuted her most recent album, Glorious.

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